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… which Lord knows I have done.

575390_10151901681607530_1010117931_nIn this blog, for example. All month. Not my best efforts, but at least some efforts.

There are rules, I hear, on how to write well. Even classes to teach you how to follow the rules.

Some of you were meant to follow rules. Some of me were not.

I love the quote by Neil Gaiman that I heard recently in a panel discussion. A young woman said that she had been told to not become a director (actor/writer) because the world already had enough of them already.

The response from him was spot on.

Nobody gets to be you, except you.
Nobody has your point of view, except you.
Nobody gets to bring to the world the things that you get to … uniquely … bring to the world, except you.

He is right, you know …

1426419_10201759988594462_346263217_nThere have been lots and lots of people who have written long before I … or any of you … came along here.

Some of them followed the rules.

Some of them did not follow the rules.

But all of them did what they enjoyed.

I am thinking, more than writing well, or writing badly, that just writing is the important thing.

Using our own unique voice, whether we have followed the rules that others have set out for us or not, is the one thing that only we can do in the way that nobody else can do.

1453355_724847744209216_126577001_nOne thing I have learned, courtesy of the various NaNoWriMo  projects I have attempted is to just write.

It will most likely be bad writing. Just write anyway.

It will probably need a ton of editing before anyone will want to read it. Just write anyway.

It will in all likelihood break a whole lot of rules that others have set down for us. Just write anyway.

It won’t even resemble the finished product in more than a passing way. Just write anyway.

Now that is all well and good. For me to say “Just write anyway”. All encourage-y and everything. But reality is that I have written a whole lot of bad writing. A lot of this is most likely bad writing.

1452056_10151718971401636_1952449746_nBut the only way for me to get to some good writing is to get all the bad writing out that stands in the way.

Kind of like taking the old varnish off a piece of well made furniture. Then you can see the wood grain underneath. And apply the correct stain, polish and elbow grease to get it to a point where it can be proudly displayed inside your house.

And use your voice when you write. Granted with the language evolving as it has been, it might be harder to keep up … to sound current … but then, your voice is your voice.

But there is one thing that I have not figured out this month of writing … whether writing well or writing badly. In the WordPress Blog tools that appear here on the page, there are a lot of things to use.

Scheduler, Writing Helper, Images, Formats, Categories, Previews, Recommended LInks … and Suggested Tags.

The Suggested Tags … and Images and Recommended Links for that matter … are all generated automatically as you type more and more.

Most of them make sense. Some of them do not.

Every time I have typed about NaNoWriMo, one of the Suggested Tags that comes up is “2011 Big East Women’s Basketball Tournament”.

What does the 2011 Big East Women’s Basketball Tournament have to do with writing … or NaNoWriMo?

Just wondering.