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… A Writer.

Funny, I felt like I was a writer.

I looked like a writer.

I even wrote like a writer.

Got the message at the top of the blog page today:

You have not updated your profile in more than 180 days. Please visit your profile and confirm that all fields are up to date.

… they said to the woman who has written once … at least … every day … since June 24th 2012.

With all due respect, I am thinking I would have made adjustments if something had changed.

Apparently daily writing, commenting, following and liking of other posts is not enough.

But truth? I am in the lobby of a very nice retirement facility. I escaped for a short while to write. In the quiet. With internet connections. Granted, the internet connections are limited. I cannot post to my private blog … or copy files up that I want to copy. But …

Sitting beside a nice fireplace.

Then people started showing up.

Lots of people.

And a woman who is now playing the grand piano behind me.

And now … more than ever … I realize how much I need silence to write.

Maybe if the music was more something I liked …

Wouldn’t want to court insanity.