I thought for today … basically the one year anniversary of Newtown … that I would reblog the post I did last year. It was an unusual combination of events for me … and even now it causes me to want to do something productive to eliminate things like this from happening.

Not being used to reblogs, if it doesn’t show up properly, here is the link to the original: https://happyhollyproject.com/2012/12/14/only-tears-today-only-tears/

Happy Holly Project

This morning started well for me … very well.

On rising I got myself together, took a short trip to the bank and withdrew the money needed to get those materials which will be used in replacing my roof. And I set out to deliver that money to the men who will be doing the work. The Amish craftsmen who live not far from here.

As I drove up the long twisting road to the area where the Amish live it struck me how they can be isolated unto themselves … but still close to the more modern surroundings in our area.

amish signThe twisting road straightened and the wide open valley stretched before me. Several signs indicated the fact that on occasion a horse-drawn Amish Buggy traveled this road.

There was evidence on the road surface which indicated that horses had been there … recently.

Well marked, interestingly named roads branched off to the…

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