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Patrick Stewart

Cover of Patrick Stewart

Recently on the internets … reflected on Facebook … there have been various and sundry “tests” to help you determine into which part of the country your particular dialect is most matched.

It is interesting.

Well, maybe not in a “wow, my life is more complete because of this” kind of way.

More like a “I’m stuck here in the freezing cold and have nothing better to do” kind of way.

The first time I took one of these quizzes, it said my dialect was more like Washington DC, Lexington KY and Louisville, KY. Last night it said several places in Texas. All wrong.  But interesting.

So how does Sir Patrick Stewart fit into all of this?

Whilst flipping around in the various entertainments that are the internet, I was told of an article … a podcast actually … from NPR. And of course I am a fan.

It was entitled “Sir Patrick Stewart breaks down the regional accents of cows

Cows? Really?

I recalled back in ancient times, I used to amuse my oldest baby daughter in the car driving home from the babysitter who lived a bit in the country. The cows were all around.

So I would turn to her and say “Moo???” and she would reply “Mooo!!!”. I would respond with an incredulous “Moo MOO MOO???” and she would laughingly respond “Moo MOOOOO”. To which I would sound a “no you’re kidding” Mooo and she would respond with a “yea, really” Moo while shaking her head enthusiastically.

German Valley WV - Cows in the road.At about the sixth conversational “Moo moo moo … moo moooo mooo mooo” we would both break down laughing. And she would say she loved “Cow Yanyage”.

And so it was with each child in succession. Speaking Cow Language using exaggerated intonation and emphasis.

Me, showing them how communication can be done without the typical words, but more with emotions, sounds, facial expressions and body language.

They, just having fun being silly.

So I had to laugh out loud as Sir Patrick waxed poetic in response to a callers supposedly serious question … and never once breaking character … about the various dialects of cows found in the various regions of England.

It’s fun to listen to the podcast, although I’m guessing they really don’t speak like that. But then, stranger things have happened.