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Holly has found the love of her life.
And it happened over the last few days.
Perhaps you noticed I’ve been talking a lot about Boomer Dating.
Pretty much I had tried with little to no success.
Yet I kept on trying.

And it finally paid off.
Perfect rendezvous in a perfect location.
Really …
I found it hard to believe it was happening.
Like an image from one of those romance novels.

First I noticed how tall he was.
Over six feet four inches tall.
Or maybe it was his hair and eyes and voice.
Like I prefer … dark, dark hair and light hazel eyes and a deep, deep voice.
So it was the basic tall, dark, and handsome thing.

Daylight blended into darkness
And we rode off into the sunset.
Y‘all do believe me, don’t you?

April Fool's Day - Panasonic Lumix DMC-LC40

April Fool’s Day – Panasonic Lumix DMC-LC40 (Photo credit: Stoic Meditation)


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