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It is certainly nice to be the best. In something. Anything.

But then, best is merely a concept.

The best person in a race might be the one who comes in first. But then, might it be the person who rose above overwhelming odds to just be in the race? Or the one who was the best in a certain age group?

You are the best kid in the world! Well. Any parent knows that at any time any child can be that. And if my child is the best in the world, does that mean that yours is not?

And then in the arena of sexual prowess … well … we’re not even going to go there. You all know how valid those observations can be.

“Oh Honey, you are just the best.” 

(Yeah, but if *I* say it, it’s the truth!)

But at any rate, I recently came across these maps in which they tell what every single country in the world leads the world in. As in “Your Country is the best in …” … and since most of my readers are from here in the States, a map of which State is best in which thing.

So I decided to include them here for you to check out.

And then … just for good measure … after all this is a Happy Holly Project blog … there is a chart / map based on tweets. According to tweets using the word Happy, I believe, they tell you which state is a happy place to live here in the states, and country by country.

Hint: It’s no place near me.

Oh, and by the way … you? … you readers of mine?? … YOU are the best!!

A Map of What Every Single Country Leads the World In. | elephant journal.

map world countries

Then for those of you who live in the States here, there is the breakdown by US State.

states map

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” ~ Desmond Tutu

And last but certainly not least …


For source, context and more info: Huffington Post.

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