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An unlikely pairing?

I thought so too.

Until I saw this today in a posting out in the uber-world that is Facebook.


People of a not-quite-certain age will recognize it as the flow chart that outlines the words to a song from back in 1980.

The funny thing is how absolutely creative people can me on such short notice.


In no time at all there were several additional posts

10306563_10154046714355363_6894829332838744691_n 10290639_693560667349892_8680099506611665503_n 10174934_743184435712911_7321651575071837052_n queen na ghostbusters are-you-meatloaf-flowchart

Now I’ll be honest, that there is one that I don’t recognize as a song lyric … and you can probably guess which one it is.

And as one person commented, the pie chart probably ought to be a roll chart, but still.

So I went out to the all-knowing Google and discovered a few more …

index brick-by-brick1 lucidchart_beatles

And just as quickly as it had arrived, my fascination with song lyrics went away.

After all, there are only so many “Na – na – na – na”s that an earworm can handle in a day.


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