What’s that you say? Holly hasn’t posted anything for a while?

Why yes, you are absolutely right. I haven’t.

To those of you who have been reading this regularly, you know (or can guess) how much I enjoy sharing the crazy moments of my life and my own quirky views on things. And actually for well over a year and a half (June 2012 to February 2014) I didn’t miss a day. Each and every day. Even when nothing much was happening.

Then life started happening.

I apologize for the lack of “good stuff” here recently. Without going into too much detail, suffice it to say that my parents are both still alive. But are encountering things that happen when you approach 90 years of age. And I am the one that lives the closest.

Oh. And they don’t have internet in their new apartment.

I was going to try to convey some of the “I Love Lucy” moments telepathically, but that doesn’t seem to be working too well.

So please check back from time to time.

I promise I’ll be posting again shortly. And in the mean time you can check out some of my old posts here, OK?