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… there was a curly-haired woman watching the first of many Star Wars movies.

What can I say? I loved the music and would later use the tape of it as driving music in the car.

10334465_10152441768804255_5924042720160370889_nYears afterward, I would drive to Boston to see John Williams direct the music I so loved. But that isn’t the end of the Holly / Star Wars connection.

FWIW, thirty-four years ago today I gave birth to my oldest daughter … four days after the release of the second film.  At 2:59PM (The time I am scheduling this post to be published.)

Then three years later, on May 25, 1983, I took my oldest to see the third movie … and nursed my two month old daughter in the theatre while watching.

What can I say? The Force runs deep in this family.

Or maybe I just love the music. 😉 Because after all, I didn’t follow through on all the subsequent Prequels.

However, somehow I anticipate a first day viewing of the new Star Wars movie they are putting together. I’d almost bet money on it.

Just for fun, what is your Star Wars name?

Mine is Holho Bepit … or Gepit depending on whether they want a maiden name or not.  Not too interesting.


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