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10363349_10152410660132863_208601995814442708_nAs the Cardinal sings outside my window, I once again marvel at the irony of it all.

In my life when horrible things happen, it has never failed. I did not get support from places I thought I would. And I got support from places I’d not dreamed of.

Same goes for good things as well. I get warm wishes and surprisingly supportive comments from people I’d not expect. And not one word from people who have every opportunity.

I’m put in mind of my friend Linda … how nobody could be bothered to help her, yet everybody would call when they needed to borrow a truck. Her response now? “If you ever need a truck, it will be in the shop”.

Or when I needed help getting things from Pittsburgh to Altoona. Other than Linda and another friend nobody helped. But two friends, each from hundreds of miles away, said they would help if they were nearer. I have no doubt they would have.

Again. Not from the expected. But from the unexpected.

(This is a blog post, not only inspired by recent events … and a meme I saw … but also by the Writing 101 Challenge … Day Four: The Serial Killer.)

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