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10538458_876872832323696_2320665036981935633_nAnd once more tears came to my eyes. When did I become such a softie?

That has happened a lot these last several hours since I heard that Robin Williams had died.

I’ve had tears.

When I heard it. When I read a comment. When I read the comment by our President. When I read an article in The Elephant. When I saw a meme. When I watched a clip from Dead Poets Society.

This quote has always spoken deeply to me. And I always thought of him as some kind of kindred spirit for a variety of reasons. One of my favorite people.

Today I was listening to Terry Gross on Fresh Air (NPR) today playing a 2006 interview with Robin Williams.

I was struck senseless by this sentence that he said.


Play the interview.

At 34:10 or so.

I made a meme.

b2y7wRest In Peace, dear man. Rest in peace.