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10376069_954849841211136_7759038039161739098_nAnother fun entry in the continuing saga of “Holly Tries Online Boomer Dating”.

Today’s entry came from “Kristen”, in an email to me … and 35 others. Subject? “I need to live chat with you.” At my old business email account.

Nice personal touch. Makes all the difference.

How is it going? I hope that you are fine.
Do not know how to begin my letter to you.
I can not find words that would explain to you who I am and what I want from you.

Oh, I could make a wild educated guess … but by all means, continue.

But I can only say that I’m in love with you.
It has long I like you, I feel for you.

In love, eh? Well, as long as “It has long I like you”, I guess that’s all right. The line my Mom always said pops to mind … “I feel for you, but I can’t quite reach you”.

But I do not have the guts to come and tell you.
For earlier want to apologize for my bad English.
Previously I lived in Russia and has recently arrived in your country.
Here I am in the course of 1 year. But I can not seem to learn to write correctly.

Oh, and here I was just about to go out to look up “scammer grammar”. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

I have my own business selling jewelry.
I am not interested in money.
I want to find a man to create a relationship.

Hey, I might be the list heiress you have been looking for all these years!

Well, except for that whole “not being a man” thing.

There is that.

I often see you from the window of his house.
And I like you very much like you.
I wanted that to our acquaintance with you was not like
banality and that’s why decided to write you a letter.

A stalker? Great. Just what I needed.

I do not send you my picture because I made a video for you.
In the video I talk about myself and about the feelings that I have for you.
I ask you to give me 5 minutes of attention and watch this video.
I posted it on the site [redacted] asking you to complete registration and find me online. My ID 8477266188
I implore you to view the video.
I hope that I like you.

Somehow I suspect that liking me doesn’t really enter into this whole thing. Am I right? Of course I’m right.

Also on the site you can find my phone number.
If you want to know me, just call me on my cell.
I dream of getting acquainted with you.

I looked up that site name on Google. Got this write-up:

The romance scam email at http://no-i’m-not-putting-it-out-here has a link to [redacted] (dot) info which is VIRAL.

That site is infected with
HTML:Framer-inf [Trojan]


Oh where is my surprised face?? I guess the honeymoon is over. All 36 of us grieve.

I know that you are kind and sincere person, and this is the most important to me.
I hope that you fulfill my request.
At this point I will finish my letter to you.
I kiss you.

Yeah. I kiss you too. Off.