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10897998_10204154719285571_4178138792624868784_nThis is going to be a great year! I can feel it in my bones.

I’m even writing here. Doing my New Year’s Resolutions.

On January 2nd.

But then I’ve always been a procrastinator.

What? Haven’t you? Ever?

Was just out here reading last year’s first post … in which I quoted Sharon Stone.

“You know what, though? If you live it fully, you don’t live with this regret that you need to keep staying there.  And if you live presently, each place that you are is wonderful.”

That pretty much describes 2014 for me. Took the old Neil Gaiman advice to “Make big mistakes” and made several.

And had great fun in the making of them, I might add.

The only really bad thing that happened was on June 30, 2014. My Father died.

I didn’t write about it here, because … well … the muse just left. I hadn’t expected to miss him in the way that I have. It was like the most authentic and ardent supporter of my writing was suddenly gone.

I didn’t realize how much his approval … his surprise even … of my writing ability meant to my ongoing efforts. Or how profoundly it would affect the continued writing out here.

2014 HHP statsYou can see how May and June were rough as Dad’s health grew worse. And July it stopped totally. After another person whose opinion I valued said that my writing stunk, (August 1st) I made a few efforts to write. But finally gave up.

Other people’s opinions and the loss of someone else shouldn’t make a difference. But it did.

Then I reviewed last years Resolutions … let’s see how I did, shall we?

  • Lose WeightOkay … It’s back on the list for this year. There were ten pounds that seemed bent on making a reappearance several times.
  • Accept My Overweight-nessI did. I’m not all that overweight actually. It did turn out that one gentleman had a problem with it. I wish him luck with the skinny bitch nice woman he is now seeing.
  • Exercise More More than what? No even at that, this was a fail.
  • Try YogaYeah. I meant well. Really. I did go to the free intro. Does that count?
  • Date MoreCheck. Check. And double-check. Some things did go well.
  • Embrace Singleness – Also check. I like this whole being free thing. Unfortunately that doesn’t bode well for a full-time future with someone else.

Which brings me to this year. What I hope to accomplish this year.

Writing – I plan to write more here. And there. And not just volume. Quality. It’s about time. Maybe not every day, but more than last year.

Diet and Weight Loss – A little ban on sugar and white stuff is in order … that worked pretty well last time I did it.

Date More – Well, maybe more like find a more constant playmate. That would be nice. Very nice indeed.

Finish the House Renovations – a lot has happened in that arena already. I’ll post some pictures and updates here … hopefully soon.

We’ll see how this year goes.

Oh, and I want to make a new look for the blog here. A new theme? Maybe just tweak things a bit. Any ideas?