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10891838_10152625052048869_5958079432603287073_n“I am Charlie. I am Charlie forever.”

A commendation on all they have published? Absolutely No.
A commendation on their freedom to publish it? Most definitely Yes.

Acting on disagreement or anger with murder or violence? Vehemently No.

And still they will rise.


Restriction of the freedom of speech … no matter how offensive that speech may be … is the first step in repression.

Civilized people will prevail.

And still they will rise.

Techniques used in other countries?

Kill enough of the smart people and scare everyone else.

And still they will rise.

Freedom of speech is allowed in most countries. It is freedom AFTER speech that is important.

If you don’t like the speech – don’t listen.
But above all else – don’t deny it’s existence.

And still they will rise.

The idea of free speech and speaking out will be conveyed for as long as we convey it.

We must continue free speech regardless. Regardless of whether we agree with its content or not.

Je Suis Charlie.
Je Suis Toujours Charlie.

These are criminals, barbarians. They have sold their souls to hell. — Hassen Chalghoumi, the Imam of Drancy mosque in Paris

Inspired by current events and a comment on yesterday’s post by trotter387