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I didn’t mean to get addicted. And I suppose I could stop any time I wanted.

Really. I could.

For those who don’t know, Trivia Crack is the Facebook version of Trivial Pursuit … in which you can play with friends you know or random strangers. And the random stranger can then re-challenge you to another game.

Which they do. When they win.

There are six categories: Geography, Science, Arts, Entertainment, History and Sports.trivia-crack-charactersYou answer multiple choice questions chosen at random by the spinner … three correct answers (or a lucky spin) and you can play for the “piece” of your choice.

First one to get all six “pieces” wins.

Trivia-Crack-Ad-Free-ApkBut. Here’s the thing. I’m addicted. Sort of.

I have two Facebook accounts (don’t tell). I play on both. The “big” account with family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, etc. And the “small” account with a few close friends in which we share common interests.

Well. That’s interesting. It’s *almost* like I’m two different people out there.

Play Trivia Crack two places? Two totally different outcomes.

Little account? Level 38 (778Q) 28W 11L
Big account? Level 23 (314Q) 7W 8L.
In all fairness on the Big account I’ve played two excEEdingly good opponents multiple times.

But the numbers are totally different on the categories / percentages on each.

Little? Geo(84) Sci(84) Art(84) His(79) Ent(67) Sports(64)
Big? Sci(86) His(85) Sports(82) Art(82) Geo(74) Ent(72).

Little account, I’m a moron on Sports and win all the time.
Big account, I’m a whiz and lose consistently.
Geography on opposite ends too.

There is one area in which I’m consistent. It appears I’m hopeless on Entertainment everywhere. Comes from not watching TV / listening to music / going to movies I’m guessing.

So, I’m just wondering a few things …
Does a Level 23 plus a Level 38 equal a Level 61?
And if I’m both good and bad at Geography, does this mean I need a better GPS?
Since I know no Sports answers, does this mean my education at a Phys Ed school was wasted? Or do I just need to hang out on my other FB account more?

I have learned that all the answers are Peyton Manning, Vincent Van Gogh, and Hunger Games, though.

Did you know Peyton and Eli Manning‘s older brother is named Cooper?

And you thought Algebra was useless.