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2c9e9f46-aae1-4a41-9dcf-9a066d3f616d“I memorized 1026 characters of Pi” back when I was in college.” he said.

It was one of those Online Dating Lunches and we had been amiably chatting about this, that and the other. I was appropriately impressed.

“It was for a contest.”

Of course it was. Why else would you memorize that many digits of a number that never ends. For a contest it makes sense.

Otherwise it would be irrational.

“I won a slide rule” he proudly concluded.

Well, of course he did. Surprisingly enough, I am not dating him still.

Yes, I know. What a surprise.

I wonder what he is doing today?

Well, for the rest of us, on Pi Day? Here’s Your Meme.

For what it’s worth, I’m publishing this post on 3/14/15 … at 9:26:53 (.589… sec) AM.

It only seemed right.

(lots of the pics are from woot.com’s shirt page … but not the QT Pi one.)