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20651451Jesus rose. Looked around. Laid back down.”

For those five of you who haven’t seen the headlines, the town I live in has hit the headlines.

On Easter.

For a man. Who felt the need to put his personal Easter Eggs in danger. With an un-holstered gun. Without the safety on.

In church.

I’ve tried pretty much to not be real specific about who I am, where I live, what I do … all of that. After all, funny is funny and irony is irony no matter where you are.

But sometimes … sometimes it just bursts into the headlines and what can you do?

It started yesterday pretty harmlessly. Me visiting my Mom for Easter at Bigbucks Assisted Living Facility … waiting for a phone call from Family Hero Brother … and being nice to all the very nice residents who usually know what day it is, but not what anyone’s name is.

Then. Out on Facebook. This.

Did anyone happen to see this?


Getting ready for Mass here at the Cathedral? “Mass in Altoona is serious business…

Bible? Check.
Easter Bonnet? Check.
Concealed Gun? Check.

And the comments started …

gun1“The only thing missing from this story is a bald eagle and diabetes.”

“You can’t fix stupid.”

“Only a true inbred redneck Nazi would take a gun into church.”

Shot his own eggs during the egg hunt.

A Pistol packing parishioner popped a cap into his own leg while praising JC……that is wild !!!! Buddy told us. I heard it was a real “BANG” if you were in attendance.”

gun2“Our father who art in the NRA. Give us this day our daily target. Yea though I walk through the valley of death I will fear no evil. For I have my trusty pistol with me.”

Someone handed the pistol to an onlooker who tried to hide it in his bulletin. Smooth.

There is a hole now in the marble floor of the Cathedral. Just in case they thought they could just forget about this.

Somewhere Darwin is laughing in his grave.

A friend who has his own blog wrote this:

To carry and conceal in PA, you don’t need to pass a gun safety test or demonstrate competence to handle a firearm. It gun3just needs to be properly holstered when not in use.

Don’t have a criminal or mental health record and you are basically good to go. And a permit is good for 5 years.

I can be holding a loaded gun that has not been checked, fired, or cleaned for 5 years, or ever.

I need insurance and needed to pass a test to drive my car. I need to renew its registration and inspection every year.

Think about that.

Nice to see Altoona is Trending on Facebook. For abject stupidity.

Sounds about right.

I’m so proud.