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pb150516So. Here I sit. Feeling remotely guilty that I’ve not written anywhere recently that folks can see.

Not wildly guilty, you understand … just remotely.

And I’m thinking … since it is rapidly approaching one year since my Father passed away and my writing here basically stopped … that it just might be time to crank it back up again.

Now, what to do?

Get creative?
Post a picture each day?
Post a meme each day?
Post a cartoon each day?

Or … start another year-long project like began three years ago here … in which I try, every day, to do something that makes me happy … and then write about it.

You know, that is harder than it seems.

Try it sometime.

grace and frankieBut in the mean time, I think I’ll binge watch a Netflix show.

“Grace and Frankie”

I saw a post about it last Friday … the day it was announced.

And despite not watching TV, well, ever, I pulled it up on my laptop here and watched.

Laughed? I thought I’d die.

For some reason it really hit my funny bone that day.

And to show you how not “with it” I am on all things TV and whatnot, I did not realize that it was available … all at once … the whole season.

This whole all-I-watch-is-Downton-Abbey thing has its drawbacks as it turns out.

So, today I binge watch.

But tomorrow? … tomorrow I’ll think of how I can be wildly creative out here.

You believe me, don’t you?