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I even came home right after my radio shift to make sure I’d be here to hear and see the thing.

Silly me.

Had my Bingo Cards ready to go.

There were several from several sources.

I half expected there to be one filled with nothing but BENGHAZI BENGHAZI BENGHAZI in every one of the blocks … except for the center which would have EMAILS as a free space.

I guess they are saving that for the main election.GOP-Debate-pic

I am on mailing lists and got an email from the Dems.

They had one that came in a complete home party kit. I didn’t get that one.

silver-bingo-cardOne, from Nate Silver’s 538 folks was probably only understood by the staff of 538.

Seriously folks?

Null Hypothesis? 90 Percent Confidence Interval? DW Nominate? Reversion to the Mean?

I don’t think some of these phrases have ever been uttered in GOP Debate War Rooms.

And that one certainly didn’t bode well for any drinking games.

The best advice for drinking games was from supposedly from Vivek Murthy.

“You simply can’t drink every time one of these guys says something silly,”… “We’ve got three candidates who are prone to gaffes — Jeb Bush, John Kasich and Scott Walker — and then a half-dozen obscure goofballs vying with Donald Trump for a little media attention. It’s just a formula for disaster.”

Murthy then suggested that folks only drink alcohol when a candidate says something reasonable.

That should keep everyone safe.

And then the debate itself?

I tried. I really tried.

Not having had a TV on since the last episode of Downton Abbey, I came online to see it.

Looking for links, all pointed to the Fox News page.
The Fox News page had a little video image, no sound.
Click on the link for a larger image, no image.
Click on the radio link for sound, nowhere near in sync with the little video image.
Start to listen to the sound, the feed stopped. Several times.

Hey, if they can’t provide successful means for voters to see and hear their positions …