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KeepCalmStudio.com-[Cup]-Drink-Coffee-And-Nano-On2Ah, the sign of a true pantser.

And of course at cough cough years and holding I qualify as being a Boomer “of a certain age”.

Didn’t decide till Sunday what I’d do. Didn’t know which tool I’d use (Word, Scrivener, Novl’r)

Tried to start a Civil War story I’ve had in progress for three years. (BZZT)

Tried to think through a plot based on where I spent weekends in 2013 (BZZT)

Decided to write the SECOND one in that set … assuming the FMC of book one has saved the hotel already.

You know how they say the first million is the hardest, so you start on the second one? Well, I applied that same logic to this.

Oh, and as I wrote, the story line went from a story about “vaguely haunted / spirit of dead lover”-ish to “a woman dealing with her late mother’s dementia and wondering if she will end up getting it”.

keep-calm-and-write-1667Not that I have any frame of reference on this or anything. cough

At well over 2000 words right for Sunday. Using Novl’r.

(FWIW, Novl’r is quick, easy, simple, portable … and doesn’t have spell check or an undo button … yet)

(Can I count these 200-plus words?)

Just as an aside, yesterday would have been my Dad’s 90th birthday had he not died just short of his 89th. Mom died exactly one year later at 89 and a half.

He, sharp as a tack. She, with mini-stroke induced dementia.