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Was just out reading things on sites … and there was a well worded treatise in support of Planned Parenthood … and how well it serves men and women and saves lives. But what jumped out at me was an unrelated comment from a man in the UK.

“Dumb Limey question, again.

Where on earth do you get your presidential candidates from?

Over here the Prime Minister is the leader of the largest political party, so it’s different. But no politicians would say half the stuff yours do.

They’d be ostracised by everyone.

It’s only recently, with the advent of 24 hour news, that we’ve seen this stuff. Some of it wouldn’t be out of place in North Korea or Iran.

For all our wishy-washy ways, no one could speak like this over here.”

Add to this the French President calling Trump a Vulture … and you get an idea of what a laughingstock the right-wing of this country has become in the world.

I remember when we re-elected George W Bush back in the day … and the folks in the UK asked how 59,054,087 people could be so dumb.

Frankly I wondered that myself at the time.

And we all know the eventual outcome of declaring wars and not paying for them … for going into countries that were not responsible for weapons of mass destruction … for destabilizing the whole area.

Oh, and then selling our debt to China, who now owns a part of us.

Yeah. Turns out they were pretty much on the mark about us in the UK.

And frankly, even though W stumbled on a regular basis both verbally and policy wise, I still respected that he was, for better or worse, in the office of the President.

President Obama?

Well turns out the world likes him. A lot more than they liked President Bush.

A whole lot more.

More than we do actually.

With the exception of Russia, China and Israel, pretty much everywhere else in the world they have a higher appreciation of our President than we do.

There’s something to consider.

When other countries appreciate our President more than we do, maybe we need to pay attention.

Maybe we have something good going on here that we aren’t being grateful for.

What has he done?

Oh let me mention just a few things …

  • Ended the 2008 Recession
  • Reformed Health Care
  • Regulated the Big Banks
  • Killed bin Laden and Ended Iraq War
  • 2010 Tax Cuts
  • Cut Deficit Spending from $1.4 trillion/yr in 2009 to $458 billion by 2017
  • Corporate profits have nearly tripled
  • Stock prices have soared (DJIA 2.3x higher, NASDAQ 3.2x higher)
  • 5X more jobs created under President Obama than under President Bush

All this with a Congress for much of the time that did less than any other Congress in the history of the United States. That includes the “Do-Nothing Congress” of the 1940’s.

These members met in the basement of a steak house or somewhere. The senior GOP members plotted to bring Congress to a standstill regardless how much it would hurt the American Economy by pledging to obstruct and block President Obama on all legislation.

Isn’t there a law against that?

Then there is that whole “vulture” thing. Mr. Trump. Okay. I’m not going to go into great detail.

And I’m not saying he is delusional. Not exactly. But.

– Declared bankruptcy four times
– Married three times
– Offended the entire Latino population
– Gave Senator Lindsey Graham’s personal phone number to the entire world
– Still doesn’t know whether President Obama was born in America
– Thinks Mexico will pay for a fence

… and I won’t even start on the things he has said about / to women.

A Reality Star who is famous for being an outrageous bully and firing people? Is this someone you want to have with their finger on “the button”???

Or as the gentleman from the UK said … “Where on earth do you get your presidential candidates from?”