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OK. I’m not saying that if it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all … BUT …

For those of you playing at home, you might have noticed that I have recently published the first 500 solutions to a wonderful little game I discovered for my Android phone.

Delightful. Free. Mindless in a mindful sort of way.

And I waxed poetic about how wonderful it was. Specifically this:

So. It is with great pleasure I say that this Infinite Loop program has no flashing lights, no obnoxious sounds, no things to be bought, no videos to be watched, no asking of friends for lives, no required sharing on Facebook, no mandatory evaluations at the store where you got it.

Well the day my last post posted here, they released an update I guess.

Which might very well negate almost all of what I said and what I like about the thing.

Per them:

What’s New

Dark mode – disconnect pieces.
Save level progress.
Bug fixes.


Dark Mode?? What is this? Star Wars??

I read comments that were put out there since the upgrade.

The new update is cool, but it’s stupid that you only can get to Level 10 and after that you have to buy it. I hope it will change soon!

Oh for … talk about “things I am not happy to hear”. Level 10? You hardly have a chance to get your feet wet by level 10!! Who are they kidding?

And I am afraid to ask how much it might cost to go forward with the whole thing.

I got the new version of the game and while fun I find myself missing the symmetrical levels of the original. I do hope you have plans to implement them as well.

Do you mean to tell me that some of the levels no longer make pretty symmetrical pictures like many of them do on mine? Really? Oh no!!!

I love looking at the symmetrical solutions! Very soothing to the OCD parts of my brain.

(Oh, and please return the level switcher D: )

What level switcher? Wait. Does this mean I can’t go back and re-do a level if I want to?

Relaxing and fun, but the background music gets annoying really quick. Add option to disable just the music and leave the sound effects. New levels are awesome!

Wait. What? They have sound effects now? Granted the music was annoying after about two minutes, but you could turn that off. Sound effects too? Say it ain’t so!!

And new levels? Wait. I’m on level 851 right now. Shooting for 1000. Don’t change things up on me now!!!

Figures. Something I enjoy. Something I am good at. Something that suits me to a T. Something that does not cost. Something that is wonderful.

So. Here is the deal. Fear is a motivator here.

I’ll NOT update until I reach level 1000 or so. I’ll publish the solutions to levels 500 to 1000 … which may be a moot point by then.

Then if it is all things I dislike in an app / game … I’m done with this.

I feel very much like the Zen-like state / Elephant type joy of the thing will be gone.

And that maybe Pharma-Bro has bought the thing out.