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Who knew? I have a holiday??

(Thanks to my old HS friend Marc, without whom I might have never known.)

“Inspired by a celebration of peace and love marked across South Asia, Holi is a colourful festival all can enjoy.” (from this article)

“Mythologically and socially also, the two days celebrated as Holi – March 1 and 2 – have great significance.

While the first day is also observed as Holika Dahan, signified as the victory of good over evil;

the second day, aka Badi Holi/Dhulandi, is said to mark the welcoming of spring and a festival of harvest among farmers.

There is also an interesting story of Lord Krishna that’s said to have formed the genesis of the festival of colours.” (from the article below)

Well this sounds like a holiday I can totally enjoy.

Here is a link to additional information, live feeds, etc.

Enjoy !!!!