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Meynier, Charles (1800) Polyhymnia Muse of Elo...

Meynier, Charles (1800) Polyhymnia Muse of Eloquence (Photo credit: Spherical Bull)

Or am I?

And the all important follow-up questions …

How Important Is A Muse Anyhow?
What exactly is a muse these days?
Would I know one if I tripped over him / her / it?

My friend Ann was my original muse as she suggested this blog in the first place.

You readers who read, and like, and comment are also my muses.

And lord knows Texas Linda has provided fodder and inspiration for many blog posts.

Truth be told, the heartbreak that drove me to writing eight months before this blog began was the muse of note for much of what I have written since 11/1/11.

But now?

Now I find myself pretty much healed from any heartbreak … although there are moments. And for whatever reason (finances, age, solitary existence, yada, yada, yada) today … and for several days now … I find myself without a muse.

Without an inspiration. Without the spark. Just, without.

I even went so far as to post something on a daily page on Facebook that a friend hosts. A Daily Word kind of thing.

The word today was Hold / Hang.

I posted this:

hold-me-quotes… along with the words (for the WOTD) “FWIW, I’m barely holding on today.”

Also put it on my FB feed, but without the comment.

And in yet another case of “You don’t get support where you think you will, but you get it in places you never dreamed of” I got a private message … from a friend of a friend. Someone who sees my posts in the Word of the Day … and comments on my friends posts … but who does not know me.

And he wrote this:

“I hope you don’t mind a message out of the blue, but I saw your posts on Word of the Day and wanted to wish you well. I enjoy your posts. You seem like such an intelligent, creative, thoughtful, and funny person. I’d like to share a song that never fails to pick me up and brighten my mood. I figure if Ray Davies can be optimistic about tomorrow, than surely I can too. Buck up, little camper, I know tomorrow you’ll find better things.”

Along with a link to a song on YouTube:

Strangely enough, my eyes developed a sudden unexpected leak. Darned leaky eyes..

And surprisingly, I feel a bit better.

All I’m saying is this … never underestimate the effect a kind word might have on a complete, or almost complete stranger.

Especially when they say “buck up, little camper.”