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And before you ask … yes, the title for today is indeed a blatant rip off of the line from the Wizard of Oz. All due apologies to any friends of Dorothy out there. No offense intended. Hopefully the blog police will not track me down on this …

I have been doing this blog for over a week now … and have totally enjoyed writing and pointing out the ironies that present themselves in my life, in a tongue-in-cheek manner, as I journey through this project in search of all things happy. And more often than not the ironies are funny. At least to me. And hopefully to you as well.

So flash forward to today … and I find myself all but laughing on the floor. Uncontrollably. Here’s how it came down …

Me: Here is the blog entry for the day.
2Z: You are such a good writer (I did not pay her to say this)
Me: Oh, not really
2Z: Well, you’ve been doing it your whole life, right?
Me: (giggling) Not even close.
2Z: I mean you have been writing … stuff … forever, right?
Me: (trying not to laugh, and failing) No, until last November when I was heartbroken and wrote for the nanowrimo.org thing I had never written anything.
2Z: (stunned silence)
Me: (wondering what happened) I mean, I’ve been typing my private blog since then, and now this public one. But before that, nothing.
2Z: (glaring) You’re kidding, right? You’re good at it.
Me: (uncontrollable laughter) Oh RIGHT … no, except for a few term papers in college and that story about a little frog once, nothing.
2Z: But you took creative writing in college, or something, right? (starting to sound PO’ed)
Me: (laughing out loud now) Not even close!! Nothing. Nada.
2Z: Stop laughing! This isn’t funny!!! I’m speechless. And that NEVER happens.
Me: I think its hysterical … (giggles) You really thought I could write, and have written forever? REALLY?
2Z: YES! And STOP LAUGHING! I can write … I’ve won awards for writing … and I’m telling you …. YOU can WRITE.
Me: Well … if you say so (stifled laughter)
2Z: Its really not funny, you know. People try for YEARS to write like this … the voice … the originality … and you do this NATURALLY?

At this point I realize she really, really means this. No, really. And so I gather myself together, thank her profusely for her kind complement, apologize for my ill timed laughter and leave. But I’m smiling.

Driving to see my friend Ann, who has PC problems … yes, I am a computer geek … or as my friend Jeanne says “blah blah geekspeak” … I am laughing out loud at the thought … me, a writer.

Relating the story to her (“You’re never going to believe this … its SO funny … its not like I write War and Peace or anything.”) she glares at me as well … and says “It would be funny, except she is right … you DO write well. And although this is not War and Peace, if you set your mind to it, you probably could.”

At his point I checked my stats for the day for yesterday … ten viewers … double digits … oh my goodness … maybe I AM a writer! Talk about things that make you happy …

Later today, I was commiserating with my friend Linda over some ice cream, and once more related the stories of earlier in the day. But I toned it down a bit … not quite so much chuckling … and she, too, said she thought I had some talent writing. Or what is a friend to say? But she also sounded sincere. Really. At least she didn’t glare.

So armed with my three positive affirmations of write-ability and the ten hits from somewhere out there yesterday … I set to making the site a bit more … well, more. And have added a few pages at the top as well as a few more widgets at the bottom.

And was actually feeling pretty good about it all. This project. My ability. Life in general. Finally. After all these months of grieving, a glimmer of hope, perhaps? And then I decided to see how many hits have hit the blog entries today.


Nothing like getting pulled back into reality …