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… comes around. Its like deja vu … all over again!

But first of all, today is the Fourth of July … the day that, more or less, was the day to become a country. And just to make us all feel a little better about ourselves, a friend put a five question quiz out on Facebook about the Fourth. With the admonition of NO GOOGLING …

Well, this should be easy, right?

Question 1: What are the first seven words of the text of the Declaration of Independence? Easy enough … “We the people of the United States …”

bbzzztt! WRONG. Thats the first few words of the Constitution.

hmm. OK. Question 2: What was the date of its actual signing? Hmm. Obviously a trick question … no Google, huh? OK, if it was passed on July 4th, maybe it was actually signed before that … a long time before, maybe? June 1775 maybe.

bbzzztt! WRONG AGAIN. It was passed on July 2nd and signed sometime in August …. ookkkkaaay. (she grumbled) Next question.

Question 3: In what city was it approved on July 4, 1776? Now THIS is easy. I spent a lot of time in Philadelphia in a prior life. Liberty Bell. Independence Hall. That cool little bar on …. but I digress.

yaaayyyy! CORRECT. Now if only they will ask two other easy ones.

Question 4: By what governmental body was the document approved? Uh oh  … another tough one … the pressure is on … I’m supposed to be smart here … no Google … hey, she didn’t say we couldn’t look at other people’s answers … “Continental Congress” … I purposely left out “Second” so she couldn’t tell I cheated.

CORRECT. She’ll never know. Unless she reads this, of course.

Question 5: What are the three inalienable rights listed? Now this one is incredibly easy! After all I am the Holly of HappyHollyProject … “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”! Avoided the answer given by the person before me “Beer, pizza and chasing women”

CORRECT! For a grand total of 3 out of 5 … sort of. At this point someone posted that it should have been UNalienable rights.

Tough audience.

But back to the deja vu … all over again. I finish my post above, not quite sure it is up to what I usually write. (see old post on writing) I am on my way to pick up my friend Ann (see old post on site origin) to go to my friend Linda’s house (see old post about friends) and celebrate the fourth.

So I take my orange legs and toenails (see old post about orange) pat the kittens on the head (see old post about kittens) and grab the macaroni salad (see old post on picnic) and head out the door.

Linda lives at the top of the hill and can see three different fireworks displays at once. In the 90 degree heat. And 100% humidity.

I can hardly wait.

UPDATE: (many hours later) Well, amazingly enough, the humidity and heat all but vanished as a front of some kind came through. So we went to the very top of the hill to a small park where we could see miles in all directions.

And saw no fewer than seven different fireworks celebrations. All very small, granted … but still a wonderful reminder of the joy of the day.

And definitely better than the folks in San Diego Bay got.