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Do I look calmer?


Well, I feel calmer …

Just enjoyed a brief meditation session with a friend of mine. Which I have not done in quite some time. You know … “picture your hand … down at your side … calm … tingling … empty your mind of all worries” … that kind of thing.

Not sure if I enjoyed it because it made me feel serene … or if it was because the narrator had a sexy English accent.

It was great for me to get out of some of the stress that has happened yesterday and today. I do have another blog … a private one … where I vent my spleen and rant and rave.


You really thought I was all sweetness and light? Well … er … of course I am *cough* Sweetness. Light. Yeah, that. But for the parts where I’m not, there’s that other blog.

And before I continue, for those of you who read this blog daily … all due apologies for the lateness of this entry. But after all, this experiment in refocusing my focus on happiness does require that I find a happy thing. And I can’t write about the happy thing until I do it, right?

So, besides the meditating to contemplate my navel, I decided that my happy thing today was to go get a mini-makeover at the upscale cosmetics counter … at the upscale department store … well, at least as upscale as we have here in the middle of nowhere.

So, friend by my side, I entered the store and right in front of me was a spectacularly bright cheerful yellow t-shirt type top completed with a beatiful colorful yellow, pink, red and teal patterned scarf on white. OK, I know it sounds like a bit much … but it really caught my attention.

I wanted it.

Looking at depth at all the racks I discovered that there were no more yellow tops except for the display model.

So I asked the young gal in the department, in my nicest “do something happy” voice, if I might be able to buy said scarf and top. Because there were no more left on the racks, after all. And it was so pretty.

And was told “Why no you can’t. We can’t dismantle the displays. What would the designer of them say?” Harumph. What ever happened to the impulsivity of youth, eh? No sense of adventure here.

So I continued to the cosmetics counter and was met by a very nice older woman with beautiful make-up and stunning black hair … and a gleam in her eye … who asked how I was doing this evening.

“Oh fine” I replied “except I really wanted the yellow top and scarf on the model inside the door. But I guess you can’t do that.”

She looked at me and started “Oh no, you are not allowed to do that” then with a conspiratorial glance around said “Let ME do it.” and headed out from the cosmetics counter to the sportswear area.

Now I know it was later in the day … and a slow Friday at that … but really … I felt positively like a teenager again as we snuck into the department and dismantled the scarf. As I apologized for causing her extra work, she laughed and thanked me for the excitement.

Then analyzed the mannequin with the top on. Which had arms. Facing down. Which made it impossible to get the top off … I thought. Not to be foiled, my new best friend took the mannequin and rearranged the arms so they were pointing straight up into the air … much like you would position a small child for dressing in the morning.

She quickly, with my assistance, took the top off the dummy and with equal speed replaced it with a lovely peach colored top. “He’ll never notice the difference.” she said as she returned the arms to the correct position. “These young gals would never do this. They are too new. And nobody will suspect it was me that did it. I’m from cosmetics. They don’t know me.”

And laughing like a couple of teenagers, we absconded back to the cosmetics area where I indulged in all things make-up … finally choosing some eye shadow, mascara, and a delightful gift offer of various items along with a carrying bag. Definite potential for sexy.

As she was checking me out, I mentioned to her how I did the happyhollyproject.com … a blog in which I did one happy thing a day. And let her know that this was my happy thing today.

This delighted her and she thanked me for making her evening fun as well. Good sales ploy. So, as a parting comment, I told her briefly about the entry the other day … in which I had used their leg tanning product … and my nail polish to polish my toes … orange.

As I was showing her my orange toenails … something not typical for a woman my age … she started to laugh out loud … and drew up her slacks to show me her toenails.

Bright neon green.

I knew she was a kindred spirit the moment I saw her. They are so going to really miss our generation when we are gone …