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… Oh so pretty … I feel pretty and witty and …

OK, I’ll stop the trip down nausea lane … musically speaking. Now that song is going to be rattling around in my head all day.

And yes, I know that the only people who will get the above reference are people of a certain age, or rabid fans of musicals, or rabid people of … well, suffice it to say not all that many people will know the song.

It started out innocently enough … after a healthy lunch of Super Burger, Fries and Ice Cream goodness … which of course was bought because a piece of the proceeds go to a local Veterans group.

Easy to be generous when all you have to do is eat ice cream.

Ice cream, fried brownies and some crispy sugary flat thing in the bottom … all topped with whipped cream, warm chocolate syrup and a cherry.  Oh that will help the old weight loss effort here.

But I digress.

In an effort to find something inexpensive but fun to do, I headed over to the local Department Store and their Fancy-Schmancy Uber-Expensive French Cosmetics Department. You may recall the Store and said Department from an earlier post here last summer.

And I needed foundation.

The nice thing about this Department is that they know me. And they do free make-overs.

At one more formal session recently, they had a super specialist from New York City in to do the makeovers.

“Oh my daarlink … you have SUSH gorcheous SKIN.” he gushed. “And vwot beauty products do you use to get such a maaarfelous effect?”

I could not tell a lie.

“Well-water and a bar of soap?” I replied.

Was that a sucking sound I heard all around me that went with the dropped jaws? I’m pretty sure the displays moved … and his accent definitely faltered after that.

After all these years of doing nothing more than soap and water for my face … I have arrived at this point in life with nary a wrinkle in sight … all thanks to good genes inherited from my parents.

Had it all relied on copious beauty efforts on my part, there would be wrinkles at my eyes, mouth, neck, cheeks and forehead … if not elsewhere.

But I have started to use some of the Fancy-Schmancy products on the skin on my face.

So if I make it to 80, I’ll only look 70.

So … just for fun … I asked for a make-over. Kind of a girly thing for a not terribly girly person like myself.

As the basics were done, I caught up with the gal doing the do-over. She and I have known each other for years now.

Smoky green eye shadow to play up my eyes of green and hazel and blue and … well I usually just refer to them as barf colored eyes … but men seem to like them, no matter what they are called.

A flattering shade of blush, some mascara, lip liner, lipstick and gloss and I was done.

I bought the foundation … and the lipstick.

But you know something? When I got home and looked in the mirror, I looked suspiciously like I always look.

Kind of like when I got the whole hair make-over thing … the one that is supposed to subtly begin my hair transformation using sporadic lowlights … taking me from blond back to something more the darker color of my youth … only with some highlights to go with my paler skin.

Here are two pics of me after the hair do-over in case you don’t want to go back to the hair story.


And just as with the hair, the make-up looks suspiciously identical to the way I usually look.

And here are two shots of the new make-up.  I’ll let you be the judge.

DSCN1039 holly

Looks like the same old me to me.

But I have my new foundation.

And the make-over was free.

And it did make me happy.