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… not really that famous.

OK, so today I decided to break things up with some cartoon strips from my favorite comic strip “Pearls Before Swine” … because they just make me so very happy.

As does this blog.

And as I looked at the various cartoons, I realized that they fit in really really well with all that I am typing here. So click on them and enjoy!

Each day I get the opportunity to share something happy that has happened in my life. And the idea of focusing on the positive things, and doing something for no other reason than to be happy … well, suffice it to say, it is working.

Every day I look forward to writing something that has made me happy. And every bit as much, I enjoy when someone reads it, and follows it, or likes it, or comments on it.

And I was looking at my statistics today. I’m a geek. Had I mentioned that? And yesterday was the best day ever for me. Almost thirty people looked at my blog. Did I mention how all this makes me so very happy?

So I got all excited here. And I augmented my pages to include one that has a map showing where everyone is from that has either looked at, or followed, or commented on this site.

Except I can’t figure out where the gadget or widget or pluging might be to show a map on a page.

So I’m going to list them here:

US (of course)
Canada (our neighbors to the north)

Sweden (really? How cool)
France (and I don’t even parlez vous)
Ireland (probably my friend Tracy)
UK (England)

China (omg omg)
Philippines (honest)
South Korea (most likely my brother)
Australia (where they have that cool accent)

and Texas (well it used to be a country, right?)

I am so happy about all of this. If any of you want to share this blog, please feel free to do so. Spread the word. Please. There are cute little icons at the bottom of each page now to let you do that most everywhere you can.

Tell friends, heck, tell enemies … I don’t mind.

Hey, I could use this as a really cool line when I finally decide to go out and become involved with someone again. After my broken heart is done healing. That ought to work well.


How is that working?