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I mean everyone loves Key Lime Pie, right? Unless you’re allergic to limes or something, I guess. Good. And good for you … or so I’ve been told.

So there I was in the supermarket … getting an offering to take with me to Texas Linda’s house for dinner …

She and her housemate Gay David (he asked me to mention him here … Hi David …) were having a wonderful dinner of sweet Italian sausage, green peppers and onions, spaghetti … all low cal fares, right? And they invited me over to share in the bounty.

I was to bring Kaiser rolls in case someone wanted to enjoy the sausage as a sandwich. Only the best for my friends and I. So I went to the bakery section to see what was fresh.

Other than the cute guy back rolling crust behind the counter.

So after picking the best Martins had to offer, I decided to add a dessert to the cart. A healthy dessert. After all, I’ve been eating healthily and losing weight for a while.

And what could be healthier than Key Lime Pie? Fruit, eggs, milk … and graham crackers … everyone knows that graham crackers are good for you … right? … hmmm … why do I suddenly feel like an old Bill Cosby skit about Chocolate Cake?

Ah well. So I asked the counter cutie about what would be a healthy dessert to be enjoyed on the porch after dinner … given all the freshly baked goodies to pick from. I think she noticed my fixed Key Lime stare … and assured me that it would indeed be a very good choice.

“After all” she confidently stated, “Everyone knows that calories consumed on a Tuesday and eaten on a porch don’t count. I swear.” I’m guessing that’s the corollary to that well known rule … “Calories consumed while standing in front of an open refrigerator don’t count.” And she swore.

I like this gal.

So, ignoring that it had a flaky crust and not graham crackers, I tossed it into the cart. And took it along to dinner.

Suffice it to say that dinner and the dessert were wonderful. And, um, didn’t taste calorie-free at all. You don’t suppose …

I guess I should have been suspicious when she swore on a stack of jelly donuts.