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Okay, so here I sit at the fundraiser for the man who will most likely win the election in the fall. And I support him. Here at the fundraiser. To support him.

That will be different.

Suffice it to say that I have been less than successful at picking people to support in the elections.

Lets see … he is eloquent, intelligent, good at negotiating, and willing to compromise. Who has heard of that in a candidate recently?

I like it.

As part of the fundraiser, we were treated to some outstanding shish kebabs. Yummy. Which we ate while discussing the huge weight loss which Professor Kristi had accomplished. By virtue of being sick … but still … lots of pounds are lots of pounds.

So while Texas Linda and I sat there talking to The Candidate and Professor Kristi up walked a young lady … slim … trim … happy … outgoing … smiling … “Hi Holly!” she said.

Who the heck is this? Do I  know you? Of course I didn’t say that … but I am sure it showed on my face.

And then it hit. Tammy the Tekkie. A Systems Administrator at a large corporation in the area here.

One hundred and five pounds thinner than the last time I saw her.

What a wonderfully radical change! She looks happy … and healthy … and I have never seen her look so … well … contented.

That’s the word she uses to describe where she is at today. Contented. It took her over a year to get to the point that she is at right now. And it sounds like the transformation has been both mental as well as physical.

She runs in the morning and exercises often. She eats healthily and watches what she does at non-meal-times. She actually ran a marathon. And there is a nice young man in her life, too. 


I am so proud of her. And happy to call her a friend. Way to go Tammy!