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… and does it really matter, after all?

Lest you think I am totally off the wall on this entry, I assure you it will all make sense by the end here.

I spent a fair part of my afternoon with my friend Toozie. In reality her name is Timberlee, but she is called 2Z most of the time.

You may recall me mentioning her yesterday as a talented woman who writes incredible songs, beautiful poetry, is a loyal friend … and is relatively house-bound due to a chronic illness … but somehow leads a somewhat charmed life.

For example, today as I began my trek cross town to visit her, she said … via phone … that she would be the one out in her own back yard … laying out and getting a tan.

It was raining here. Pouring.

She only lives six miles away … 6.6 to be exact.

So I set out to get to her house. As I drove I encountered drenching downpours, clogged street drains, flooded streets, rain and thunder.

Until I got to within a few blocks from her house.

There I saw a circle of clear blue sky with fluffy white clouds … and sunshine. And no rain.

In addition to this odd weather ability, we have the fact that, despite the fact that she is relatively housebound … and passes out regularly upon standing up … she boasts one of the most active social lives of anyone I know. She is a people person.

It’s the old Mohammad / Mountain thing.

Add to this a husband who adores her … despite her 86 pound frame and frequent health issues … and a house that is more comfortable than pristine … and you’ve pretty much got a good picture of my retro-hippie friend.

With one exception.

Way back when I first started this blog … the second day I believe … I talked about having close friends … the kind you could call or see every day … and I included her in this short list.

And I said she was dealing with a chronic debilitating disease and still entertains friends. And sings at local venues when possible and in her house when not.

But I think I also mentioned the I accompanied her to the dentist.

Yes, the dentist. Where she began the process of a cosmetic procedure which gave her the smile she has wanted for all of her fifty plus years of life.

And yes, she likened it to a combination of Christmas and her Honeymoon.

Today was the first time I had an opportunity to spend time with her in person and see her new teeth. And yes I did get a picture of her … but it will wait until I assemble them all on the Friends of Holly page.

Suffice it to say she never looked happier.

She had ordered some things for me from a catalog in a vain attempt to make me over … clothes … bras … stuff. She heartily approved of my new hair style with its interesting look … I think it’s called a stacked bob …

After kidding back and forth and trying on the clothes … I discovered that I could indeed wear a much smaller size comfortably.

Its amazing what a well-fitting bra will do to take twenty years off your figure. But I digress.

We decided that if I could just lose twenty more pounds and somehow will them to her body, we would both be better off. But it seemed like the addition of her new and improved smile had also made for a new and improved weight for her.

“How are the teeth working for you?” I asked.

With a huge smile she said “Great! These are better than the ones God gave me!”

“So there is no problem with them being false?”

And she set me straight.

“False? Well, lets see. They stay in tighter than my real teeth did … and with no goop.” She demonstrated.

Then she continued, “Not only that, but they look great! I get complements all the time now on my smile. And I have a bite! I never had a bite before … ever.  And I can eat … anything. And I do. And I am gaining weight which is good. And I am stronger and have more energy because of that.”

“And I don’t have the fevers that I used to from the infection that I used to have in my mouth.  So I am healthier and that is a good thing. I am no longer ashamed to open my mouth or smile. And they are so very comfortable.”

And then she finished “They do things that teeth are supposed to do. These are more real to me than my real ones were.”

Anything that can make a person feel that good about themselves has to be real, right?