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What can I say?

It didn’t start out that way. Really it didn’t.

It started out with My Friend Ann and I going to the local hardware store to get supplies for today’s project … putting a temporary halt to the gaping holes in the roof in the front room. When my phone rang.

“Would you do me a HUGE favor?” said Linda sweetly. “I will cook you two dinner … chicken … if you will be kind enough to stop at the store by the hardware … and get me two packages of those chocolate-chocolate ice cream things.”

And the craving started. Triple Chocolate Sundae Cones. I could hear them whispering my name … “Hoolllyyy … eeaaattt mmmeee.” I’m sure you can hear it too, can’t you?

Putting aside the little chocolate voice I went about getting roofing nails, and all the rest … and having a nice talk with the nice men at the Home Depot Store.

Note to middle-aged ladies: Home Depot is an excellent place to meet men … as long as you don’t mind an extra pound or two.

But since they didn’t have all we needed, I drove to hardware store number two … the Harbor Freight Store. Not so much for men … but excellent for hardware supplies at reasonable prices.

And then I realized that I had forgotten the ice cream. And the voice got a little louder. “Hooollllyyyy …. you deserve some ice cream tooooo.”

This was compounded by seeing a young woman with many, many more than a few extra pounds waiting for the bus … three hundred pounds in spandex clothing … and stretched up provocatively against the bus stop sign, hands over head, leg perched at angle to the other.. Clearly looking for, um, a friend.

On the main shopping stretch of this small town. Just know that we don’t see much of that in these parts.

“Did I see what I thought I saw?” said Ann.

“Well,” I said incredulously, “it sure looked that way.” Now I probably should have been more sympathetic to the plight of the young lady … but still …

The allure of a whole lot of extra calories somehow faded momentarily.

Then the little choco-voice continued “You will need a nice treat after you do all that hard work this afternoon. And chocolate … triple chocolate … would be a really nice treat.”

The voice was making sense.

So I headed back to the one store in town that carried these ice cream treats and went in to get the two for Linda … and an extra one for myself.

And met a whole cast of characters.

If you know nothing by now in this blog, you know that I have a tendency to talk to folks and come across the most amazing situations. And life in the supermarket was no different.

Among others, I ended up in the check-out line behind a young Amish woman and her three small children. There are many Amish families in the area so this was nothing new. What was fun to see was the dichotomy between them.

Mom was trying desperately to convince the clerk that she be allowed to write a check even though that was against company policy. Very serious.

The two little girls, with long braided pigtails and classic Amish dresses were behaving well … very serious … while casting each other devilish glances … as though they could hardly wait to get out and stop being so somber.

Then there was the little boy. He was all of … well how many months old is a baby who can smile, but doesn’t have teeth yet?

He was in the baby carrier as his frazzled Mom coped with the check situation. He, in his little blue polo shirt and tiny denim overalls … and bare feet. I’m a sucker for little baby feet … too cute.

And he kept looking at me and smiling and giggling with the biggest toothless grin I have seen in quite some time. Totally oblivious to proper Amish decorum. And cuter than a button.

Every time I looked at him he would grin a huge toothless grin and laugh and giggle.

Brightened my day beyond belief.

Then as I was checking out, (they allowed the check, just this once, as a courtesy) my cell phone rang. On the other end was one of my dearest friends … who will remain nameless … but it has a letter and a number in it.

“Did you just call me?” she asked.

“No, I’m at the store picking up a few things, though.” I replied.

“Oh” she said “I just saw your phone number here on the Caller ID so I wondered.”

“No” I assured her, “I haven’t called you.” and we talked back and forth for a few minutes. “How are you doing today anyway?”

A long pause followed.

Hesitantly, she asked “Do I know you?”

Now I know that she and I usually talk on the land line … but seriously … “I’m Holly” I replied.

You’ve got to wonder about my friends sometimes.

Then the schedule changed. I had dropped off the two packages of ice cream treats. But the third … well, it was getting louder and louder from the back seat. “Eat me. Eat me now.” it called to me.

But once home I dutifully put it in the freezer.

“You know.” Ann said “I could really go for some ice cream … now … before we start”

Oh. Twist. My. Arm.

So we broke into the ice cream treats.  Triple Chocolate did they say? Oh no no no. These were far more than that.

These were treats in a chocolate sugar cone … with chocolate ice cream … covered with a hard chocolate coating … topped with flaky chocolate shavings … and last but not least … in the center … right there in the center of it all … was chocolate goop.

I suppose it was more like the center of a truffle than anything … and it was there … in the center … all the way down the length of the entire chocolate treat.  And then at the bottom of it all … in the tip of the chocolate sugar cone was something that looked like a chocolate button of the goop.


Practically like a physical experience … if you know what I mean.

Who knew chocolate could speak to me like that?