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And of course I couldn’t let the Republican and Democratic National Conventions go by without a few remarks.

Although I really don’t make a habit of saying anything political out here … after all this is a blog about things that make me happy … but I could not pass up these once-every-four-years events.

My mind was swept back to the days of my youth when I used to be glued to the television set watching the conventions. I would make up charts listing all the states with the various candidates across the top. And as each state would cast its votes, I would dutifully fill my little spots in on the sheet. And would enthusiastically watch as all the proceedings took place … all the smoke-filled back room wrangling and compromising.

Compromising … now there’s a word I haven’t heard a lot of recently.

That all, of course, was before the conventions were more like the coronations they are now.

So in the interest of things that make me laugh, I will make a few observations here … none of which are to be taken seriously … none of which are meant to offend.

But I have to comment on the God vote here. If God is such a big Republican, how come he sent a Hurricane to go with the opening of the convention?

But no matter.

Never being one to shy away from controversy, the City of Tampa put up this Welcome sign for all the arriving Convention goers.

Nice to know they are all friendly and everything, isn’t it?

And then once the Republican Convention held its 33 minute first day things got under way … and see? I didn’t even do a tongue in cheek remark to how similar that is to the Congress.

Okay maybe one small glitch … per ABC.

An Alphabetical Roll Call and an Honor for Missouri – The big winner will be Missouri. The home of controversial senate candidate Todd Akin will likely put Mitt Romney over the top

Todd Aiken. Didn’t I see him in the news sometime here recently? Nothing to embarrass the Republican Party there I hope.

John Brecher spotted a poodle named Savannah wearing a Mitt Romney button outside the Tampa Bay Times forum.

Well, that’s unfortunate, isn’t it?

Savannah doesn’t look like a dog that would take to all the fresh air afforded her being out on the roof of a car, does she?

There did seem to be a theme at the convention these last few days … our current President is responsible for all of it.

Pretty powerful man, I guess.

And forgive me, but I have a dear friend who is a Veteran … and quite active in Veterans Affairs … and quite outspoken in his views of how Veterans are treated.

And he had a post today that made me laugh. So I will include it here.

Just his opinion, you understand.

All the speeches, designed to excite the masses, are a joy to watch.

But seriously now folks … doesn’t this look more like an overweight man having a heart attack?

I will take a pass on commenting on any unfortunate open mike comments that may have cost someone their job. But what can you expect when dealing with a bunch of Yahoos?

The official Roll Call, the nomination, the speeches, the balloons, the applause … all are part of the magic of a National Presidential Convention.

I can hardly wait till North Carolina’s version of this. North Carolina always makes me laugh.