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OK, so it wasn’t really a Goodwill Store … It was a Salvation Army Store.

And it wasn’t Bad Timing as much as it was Being Cheap.

Well, here’s the story.

A week ago, early in the week I got a call from My Friend Ann saying that at the Salvation Army Thrift store there was a really cool set of white Pasta/Salad dishes … complete with classy chrome stand, big Salad/Pasta Serving Bowl, silverware, serving “tools” and Oil and Vinegar containers. So I jumped in the car and went over to take a look.


Not that I had room for it anywhere.

Frankly I have been cleaning my house out from years of living with a hoarder … and 99% of the stuff has been going out, not in.

But it was nice.

But it was also more than I was willing to pay for it. After all, I am frugal. (read: poor) So knowing that they have different colored price tags and different days where a certain color is marked down, I asked when the next time this particular color would be marked down.

“Thursday” she said flatly. “Next Thursday.”  I guess she has seen it all.

So walking up and down the aisles I debated back and forth … and decided to let the fates decide. I was going to wait till it was half price. And if it was still there on Thursday I would be the proud owner of a Salad/Pasta set I didn’t have room for but thought was pretty nice.

And at a price that wouldn’t make me think I had wasted my money.

Not only that but the fates put an article on the homepage I go to, telling me of how with a little frugal living and different outlook on life, I could save lots. Just my type of folks.

I think.

Obviously the fates thought I should take this article to heart.

She doesn’t buy things new. But she does buy things used. And she has a catchy saying to go with it all.

use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without

You have to love catchy sayings.

Flash forward to today … Thursday … D-Day … or more accurately S-Day … Sale of the cool item day.

I went to the Salvation Army Thrift Store … walked inside and there on the shelf was … a tub.

A tub?

No cool dish set?

I guess the fates thought that someone else needed to have the set more than me.

OK, not to be let down too much, I went around the store in search of something … frugal. And I found this cool glass jar from a local restaurant that had held popcorn. And I could use it to hold my popcorn … instead of the cheap bags the popcorn comes in.

Yes, I pop popcorn from scratch. Sometimes.

And it was only ninety-nine cents. That’s frugal, right?

And since I was doing so well at this frugal thing, I looked further.

Now I know you think I am going to say how I went and got all kinds of things and spent all kinds of money. Well, you’d be wrong … more or less.

OK, I ended up getting a beautiful Talbot’s fully lined black jacket and fully lined slacks … in black … the universal frugal color. And a gazillion count cream button down shirt. And a wonderfully classy red, black, gold and white patterned Italian Silk Scarf.

I am trusting that all the labels are telling the truth. They wouldn’t lie about stuff like that, you know.

But regardless of labels, I do know quality. And this outfit was definite quality.

And I got it all for … $11.00. Maybe this frugal stuff has something to be said for it.

Well, there was another story the same day … on my homepage on my computer … maybe it was the one the fates wanted me to read and take to heart instead.

It was right next to the frugal living one that had inspired me so much … 

This one was about a woman who was 116 years old.

She minds her own business and doesn’t eat junk food.

Maybe I should rethink this whole frugal living thing a bit … in light of my expected short life span.