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I mean, if happy was a color … what color would it be?

For those of you who have been following along on this Labor Day weekend … you know that I took Labor Day literally. And proceeded to rip up a floor, organize a room, and prime and paint my living room.

As I was finishing up the final touches on the color for the living room, My Friend Ann showed up. And although she offered to help, I asked if she would just hold the bucket of paint as I finished the top edges of the room.

Although technically I started to paint the topcoat shortly before midnight last night, it continued to be painted … and make me happy … into today.

If you are a constant reader here, you know that a while back I discovered a color that caught my attention. Homestead Resort allowed Valspar to copy some of their beautiful colors for a collection of paints.

Here is the color swatch the Valspar people put out on the Lowe’s site for the color.

Except that this swatch doesn’t nearly start to convey the color in my living room right now. Not even close. Actually, this picture of the outside of a house more accurately conveys the color of the living room.

And yes, I am thinking of painting the house in the same Homestead Resort Sunwash cheerful yellow color with white trim just like the house in the picture.

But even that picture doesn’t do the color justice.

So as Ann was holding the paint bucket, I turned to her and said “This color makes me so happy, I can’t believe it. If happy was a color, this is the color it would be.”

And we both laughed.

But I was serious. When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was go downstairs to see what the color looked like in the daylight … since I had painted part of the room the previous night.

And it made me smile.

As it has every time I look at it since I painted it.

After I finished the yellow, Ann and I quickly painted the wood trim bright white. And it looks spectacular. But, cameras and PC’s notwithstanding, I think I will wait till I get the floors stripped, sanded and sealed before I take a picture of the room for the blog here.

But as I drove to my radio stint tonight, I thought of what color happy was a year ago.

I told people there was nothing like being seen through the eyes of a man who loves you. And he had beautiful eyes.

I miss those eyes.

They were the most wonderful combination of green and blue and hazel … just like mine. And they were definitely what color happy was for me a year ago.

Last year eyes … this year paint.

What a difference a year makes.