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That’s Charlotte in Charlotte … at the Democratic National Convention …

Enter Charlotte from Charlotte … CLT in CLT to her friends … at least in the last post.

Charlotte worked at the same place I was many years ago … of course not too many since we are both 29 or so. And, well, picture my sense of humor and wit and intelligence on a younger looking blond … and you pretty much have Charlotte.

So when I realized that the convention was going to be there where she lived, I asked her if she might be anywhere nearby to lend a first hand vantage for folks who read this blog.

Now, I am sure she had told me before … but it didn’t register … she works with downtwn in Charlotte …

You can probably sense the big smile on my face from there, can’t you?

So in true CLT in CLT fashion, I got the following report this morning. Here it is … on the ground, from our intrepid reporter …

Many disgruntled people – delegates, volunteers, protesters, all unable to see the Prez since they changed the venue from BOA stadium to Time Warner Cable Arena. 

One of my friends, who is now unable to be a volunteer since she was scheduled for BOA, told me that a private reception is planned for Friday evening for those who are now not going to be able to be vounteering.

Another friend donated 2 10 hr blocks of time last weekend and waited 12 hrs in line to get tix (they were guaranteed to anyone who stepped up and took the 2 10 hr vol blocks) will also not get to see the Prez…..32 hrs of HER life that will never get back. 

But she did get to see the Foo Fighters at the NC Music Factory last night…small venue, holds maybe 1000 people, so she is still livin the dream in CLT.

But on the upside – heavy cloud deck, very humid, will probably storm most of the day and night.  So erring on the side of caution may have been the answer here. 

Bill Clinton made a HUGE impression down here, great speech, he was out and about in uptown CLT, still a crowd favorite and not a blue dress or beret to be found in the…memories, like the faded blotch on my dress….

….that’s about it from CLT in CLT.

A few comments from yours truly here.

First, thank you CLT for your one of a kind insights into all the goings on. I think I may have seen a few folks not able to get in to the venue last night on TV behind Chris Matthews. Seemed like a good time was being had … by all.

Second, I guess that contrary to the hypothesis of Rush Limbaugh, the Democrats do not control the weather. Pity.

And lastly, for those of you who did not have the opportunity to watch the speech last night by President Clinton … you missed what I consider to be the best political speech I have ever heard at a convention.

And if not the best, then surely one of the top three.

Instead of negative backbiting and hateful rhetoric, there were simple and straightforward facts … arithmetic … easy to understand.

And that is the word from those in the know … maybe more tomorrow?