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OK, I have a problem here …

The whole point of this blog is to do things that make me happy. And then to write about them.

Except, today there is one thing that will make me happy.

And that is to not write my blog entry.

So how do I go about that?

For those of you unfamiliar with the Catch-22 idea … it comes from an excellent movie from back in the day … according to Wikipedia, Catch-22 is a satirical and historical novel by the American author Joseph Heller. He began writing it in 1953, and the novel was first published in 1961. It is set during World War II in 1943 and is frequently cited as one of the great literary works of the twentieth century.

For purposes of this blog entry today though, we go to the page about Catch-22 logic where we find this definition …

A Catch-22 is a paradoxical situation in which an individual cannot avoid a problem because of contradictory constraints or rules.

For example, if I try to get a psychiatrist to declare me insane in order to avoid being given a dangerous assignment … like in the movie … But, if I am able to ask for the special dispensation, then I am not insane.

Or if someone is given an inaccurate mental diagnosis … in which one of the symptoms is that you don’t accept the diagnosis. So if you ask for the incorrect diagnosis to be corrected, you are deemed to have the diagnosis … because you asked for it to be reversed.

Or, apropos of today’s blog entry … I am supposed to do something that makes me happy … and write about it.

But what will make me happy is the act of not writing … today.

So how do I go about doing that?

I think I just did.