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… or so says Cameron Diaz.

Today is my 60th birthday.

I am not sure I agree with Cameron.

The actress says she feels better than she did in her 20s – she is now 40. Wait till she gets to be my age.

Today I had a birthday cake, got well wishes from great friends and family, got birthday gifts and was taken to dinner by my friend Linda.

Well … about that birthday cake … I guess I wasn’t expecting anything at all.

And if I was, then I might have wanted something like this …

Or something like this … only saying Happy Birthday Holly instead of Happy Birthday John.

Or even something like this …

What I got … was this …


Linda said she stayed up all night cooking all the little tiny cookies. And putting them into the 100 calorie pack.

I am impressed.

Here is me being impressed while trying to keep the candles from melting completely while Linda got her camera to work.

Whats that you say? You never noticed the similarity between me and Angelina Jolie before?

Must be the eyes.

Photoshop? Never heard of it.


Hey, its my birthday … cut me a break here.

Every year, in honor of my birthday obviously, Red Lobster has an all you can eat special featuring several types of their shrimp entrees.

So after a wonderful all-you-can-eat shrimp dinner at the local Red Lobster tonight … one of my favorite things … I now find myself here at home reflecting on my age.


While counting down to the magic number at midnight last night … yes I really did … I found myself feeling a little melancholy about my fifties. Wishing I had done this or that differently.

Then I realized a great truth.

The past is the past and does not exist now. Unless you believe in parallel universes I suppose.

But for the record, the sixties were a great decade for us Baby Boomers.

I am thinking my sixties will be a great decade for this Baby Boomer.

And considering all the alternatives available at this point in my life, as Cameron Diaz said, getting older is definitely the best.