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I think I will … on here.

Was talking to a friend today about how much I enjoy doing the radio thing … on NPR … and how I honestly enjoy hearing my voice over the headphones.

Between that and the fact that I am all alone in the studio … and doing my best to push the right buttons, slide the right sliders and pot the right pots … I tend to forget that I am on the air and broadcasting to one-third of the state.

I have no idea how many people that all adds up to or how many of them are really listening to me. I tend to think of all those people as all not really listening. 

Even though I have already had one person send an email saying she heard me say my name on air.

One of the perks of doing this thing.

Now reality is that they take your voice and broadcast it just a teeny tiny bit lower than your voice actually is … or so I have been told.

And I already have a rather deep throaty voice as it is.

*guilty pleasure warning*

So when I told this same friend that not only do I enjoy listening to my voice on air, I also find my blogs interesting sometimes, he had an interesting suggestion.

And yes, I really do occasionally go back and reread some of my blog entries … just for entertainment. Turns out I like my writing.

Some days.

At any rate, he said “So why don’t you combine both of these things?”

In my heart of hearts I think what he really meant was for me to do voice overs and radio dramas and things like that. But that was not what popped into my mind.

It occurred to me that I could go back and read some of the blog entries here … into the microphone … and have them available for folks to listen to.

And yes, I realize that this means you will get to hear my voice. But it also means that I will be able to add some of my own inflections to the words and phrases … something that may not always come across as I would hope.

If you are one of those folks that enjoys not hearing my voice and would rather just read the words, then by all means continue.

But if you are one of those folks who wonders what I sound like, or would enjoy the blog entries more if they were read aloud, stay tuned for the audio version of the blog entries … at least some of them.

For whatever reason, my mind flashes back to the time I was doing a lot of trade shows.

There were a lot of people I had dealt with over the phone but had not met in person. And many of them came to the booth I was attending.

And a funny thing happened.

“Oh, I thought you were a short redhead” said the short redhead.

“Hey, I always thought you were a big blonde” said the big blonde.

“You know, I always pictured you younger than this” said the incredibly young person.

“Wow, I thought you were …” well you get the idea.

I am guessing it has something to do with the imitation being the highest form of flattery thing, but I am not sure.

So for those of you who wonder, I am a woman … not too heavy … with a deep voice … and curly hair … that used to be dark. But it is grey now on top … covered with some light ash blonde color.

I most likely will not sound at all like you might imagine me to sound.  Unless, of course, you already know me personally.

And tomorrow is my 60th birthday.

Stay tuned …