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Sometimes I just have to shake my head at the synchronicity of it all. Not quite an I Love Lucy moment, but really …

I just got home from my shift on the radio … for those who do not know, I have finally tried something that folks have encouraged me to do my whole life. Use my voice on the radio.

I absolutely love it and it never fails to make me happy … and although I am sure I am not all that good, they seem pretty pleased with it all. The station broadcasts to about a third of the state … and I for whatever bizarre reason do not get nervous while I am doing it. 

There are no figures in my house anywhere for how many listeners there are when I am on air, and I have no plans to find out any time soon. Its better that way, I am thinking.

And no, I have not yet recorded any of the blog entries to be put out here. But it is definitely on my to-do list. Seriously.

My day started with reading the Pearls Before Swine cartoon. And for the second day in a row, the story line follows Guard Duck … having his own radio show.

What a radio oriented coincidence.

As soon as I saw the first panel, I recognized the cartoon version of the console at a radio station. Pretty accurate, all things considered.

And no, that was not a play on the name of the show I start my shift with.


And for those of you who were under a rock yesterday, Jerry Sandusky … of sleaze and slime and shame fame … decided to release a statement about how innocent and wonderful he is … to a radio station.

Another radio oriented coincidence.

So on top of all of that, today I was on the radio … another radio oriented coincidence …  what were the chances?

Me on the radio … as in the NPR station radio … as in State College / University Park radio … as in Penn State radio … as in the day after Jerry Sandusky sent something to the radio in Penn State radio.

Well, not exactly.

I do my radio thing at the station that … according to what another announcer told me … was begun by students and was later taken over by professors.

It should come as no surprise to any of you that the topic of the day at any State College radio station today might just be the story about Jerry Sandusky … and what he sent to the radio station last night.

Wow what a coincidence. Only this time it’s not a radio oriented coincidence only.

Jerry Sandusky sent his rant … also known as his statement … to the student station. Not the adult station.

Going to the young people right to the end, is he?

He is right where he belongs.