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… instead I am getting ready for dinner.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania skyline photograph, t...

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania skyline photograph, taken from the West End Overlook. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The whole idea is to have dinner with my family at a very, very nice place … in Pittsburgh.

Think of a number … if you get to “12” you’ve gone too far.

I worked on my hair … it isn’t cooperating.

I got my outfit together … the slacks are too tight.

I looked for the rest … there are no shoes to match.

I even picked out nice jewelry … and can’t find the matching earrings.

You know … a typical day in Happy Holly World here.

I need to drive two hours … I don’t feel like driving.

I want to be thin and gorgeous … I am not.

I want to be happy … and all I can think of is a year ago.

Same place … same people … and me with a heart full of joy and hope.

Not realizing that in a very short time, my heart would be broken beyond belief.

Shouldn’t I be all over this by now?

Maybe the magnificent food tonight will make me Happy for today.

I really hope so.