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… or would that be whom?

Either way, I was surprised to get a call today for Akin for Senate … again. And since I did not get to the phone in time, I decided to call back. Of all the candidates who are running for state and federal Senate seats, this was one I had not heard from … except in repeated phone calls … without messages.

So I called back.

Them: (ring, ring) Hello?
Me: Hello?
 Them: Thank you for calling the Akin for Senate campaign office … This is Xxxxx Xxxxx and we want to know … Do you agree with me that it is high time for Conservatives to reclaim the Senate and to stand up to the biased Liberal Media and Washington Insiders?
Me: Well, actually I’m more of a Moderate than a Conse …
Them: Sorry you don’t agree with us. Good Bye.

So I decided to look up Akin for Senate … and I see that he is running against Claire McCaskill … in Missouri … over a thousand miles away from here.

I was thinking that they have called a few times here … and since time is money, maybe they should stop calling me. So I called back to tell them … and frankly to get a better idea of the wording they used so I could quote it more accurately here.

Them: (ring, ring) Hello?
Me: Hello?
 Them: Thank you for calling … yada yada yada … (as above)
Me: Well, actually I was calling to let you know that I am in Pennsylvania and you probably don’t want to be wasting your time and money calling me.
Them: Oh that’s all right, we are calling all the strong Conservatives out there …
Me: Um, I really am much more of a Moderate than a Conservative.

This probably was not the time to tell her I am much more of a Clinton Democrat than an Akin Republican.
 Them: Okay. This call was paid for by the … yada yada yada.

So I came back here to type the blog and went back out to the Akin page to backpeddle to Google … I was wondering how far exactly it was from Akin-land to here.

And the Akin page kept kicking me back to the Akin page. Now I really didn’t like him … and I didn’t know who he was.

So I went to Google straight out … and up came a link to “Akin is not dropping out of the race.”


And a small nagging voice said “I think I have heard this name before …” So I clicked on the link and checked out the information on Akin for Senate.

Oh. For. Goodness. Sake.

Suffice it to say that I am not a supporter of someone who would say what he said. Not even a little bit.

I started thinking of the other things folks have said in campaigns that are less than brilliant … or accurate.  And of course my mind strayed to the Presidential Debate that was on last night.

I could not watch it … I recorded it, though.

Seems I missed some rather interesting quotes.

Which brings us to the unfortunate Binders of Women quote.

I am sure that you have heard it by now … in which Mitt Romney says he went to his staff and said “Gosh, can’t we find some qualified women?” The quote has gone viral.

There is an article which explains that his quote is not quite accurate.

Romney’s story isn’t entirely accurate.

He did not go to his staff upon seeing a lack of women and ask for a study seeking out women candidates … after which he was presented with the proverbial Binders of Women.

In reality, the effort to find qualified women for higher level jobs was begun months before that election … and both candidates were informed … before the election … that such a list had been prepared … with no input from either candidate.

Those “binders full of women” actually came from a coalition called Massachusetts Government Appointments Project, or MassGAP, that had formed in August 2002 to address the shortage of women in high-ranking government positions. They had started assembling groups of applicants, taking several months to reach out to women’s organizations around the state and preparing to present potential hires to whichever candidate won the election.

But regardless of the accuracy of his quote, it has given me a lot of joy … in the form of the meme’s that have cropped up today.

Regardless of your political persuasion, you have to admit … some of these are funny.

There are pictures …

There are ads and Facebook pages …

But of all the YouTube videos and pictures, this is my favorite.

I think I will watch The Daily Show tonight … I am thinking there will be things to laugh about on it.