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… I wish you a Happy Holly-we’en.

Yes the street sign is real. It is from about twenty miles away … and when I first saw it, I started to laugh uproariously. And promptly drove around the block to get a picture of it … to be used today.

Ah, what to wear for Halloween this year …

Normally I would be dressing in my favorite Halloween t-shirt … with accompanying cape, white face and blood dripping from mouth. Fake blood, of course.

This shirt makes me laugh every time I wear it … and this should have been the third Halloween to wear the Vampire Photo Booth shirt.

I have so many other choices to pick from, though.

I can dress as the Not So Heartbroken Woman Reclaiming Her House … I have all the props.

Or maybe the So You Think You Are A Radio Announcer outfit. But then, how would you know what that looks like?

And lord knows I have a few Mardi Gras masks around that I could work with.

I remember a colorful French woman I once knew … um, strong-willed, shall we say … she operated a business in France, with a select clientele, quite specific preferences … and when I found myself out of a job twenty odd years ago she said “We should go into business together … you have what it takes.”

I think she meant it as a complement.

But the reason I mention this is that we once served on a committee together … arranging for a Halloween non-profit event. She had decided to volunteer for the clean up committee … and arrived wearing a French Maid outfit.

Looked quite authentic.

My friend the Pirate called me a Saucy Wench … can 60 year olds still dress up as Saucy Wenches? I probably would have more luck dressing as a Sauced Wrench.

And as time goes on, I wonder … what will I dress as then?

An old woman? What do you dress up the walker with? I know someone with serious health problems who decided, on attending a wedding, that her corsage should go on her oxygen tank … but that was a dress up of a whole different variety.

Somehow there doesn’t seem to be all the clamour and glamour around the holiday that there usually is. Not sure, but I am thinking the Frankenstorm egged on by the Full Moon might have a little something to do with that in this part of the country.

So this year, I got to dress up as a temporarily displaced homeowner with roof damage and downed trees.

It’s not exactly what I had in mind.

Happy Holly-we’en Everyone!