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… you just might get it … and not necessarily the way you expect.

So there is this little storm in our area. Perhaps you have heard of it.

Continuing on the never-ending saga of Holly and the Frankenstorm … last night was, shall we say, interesting.

As the day progressed, the weather got worse. I even had the TV on … a rarity in my house.

As the winds became stronger and stronger and the noises became louder and louder, I went downstairs to check the water in the front room. No problems. Just add another garbage can … or four.

Then the noises on the roof began.

Oh joy.

Mamma needs a new roof, after all.

So with each clink and clunk and thump and bump, I began deciding what roof exactly I might get. Perspective, folks. Getting some good out of bad.

Then a crash.

OK, well that was a little bit scary … but still electricity was running and the house was standing. What’s a little crash between friends?

Another crash … and the house shook.

The winds were getting stronger and stronger, and louder and louder. And the lights started to flicker a bit here and there.

After assuring everyone that although poor Linda had no power, I on the other hand was just fine. No problems here.

And within two seconds of posting that on FaceBook, there was yet another loud crash. This one shaking the house again.

But this one was accompanied by a sickening sound … no, not me screaming … the sound of electricity arcing from the house to some point unknown. Well, that was creepy.

This is the closest I have found on YouTube to the sound.

And then the lights went out.

Yes, that is indeed one of the mega trees from my property which bounced off the house and landed across the road … suspended about 20 feet up. 

Candles were lit. Electric companies were called. Firemen showed up. Breaker boxes were turned off. And I went back upstairs to hang out till daylight.

Then by day I saw the extent of the damage. And the tree hanging from my property, across the street, suspended by the electrical wires. Still no power.

Electric companies were called … again. The local township was called. Insurance companies were called.

I am thinking I am a really big hit with my neighbors right about now. I understand there was a rush at the store on Voodoo Dolls. Must be a Hallowe’en thing.

And I have all these strange pains in my gut. Must be the Chili from last night.

But hey, perspective, people.

The Local Township is going to cut the tree, after the Electric Company turns off the electricity to the whole area … completely.

And my insurance covers damage to the roof.