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… to take a day off?

I was going to go to the movies … and that was going to be my Happy Thing On Purpose. But I didn’t go.

Then I got caught up in the day … a little work … a little not work … and nothing that qualified as a Happy Thing On Purpose.

So I decided to get the ever popular Lazy Handyman to do some more repairs around here. He was going to be here at 9 AM.

His phone was, um, dead … and that means what?

He didn’t get here till 1PM. I am not sure how those both work together. There was no call on my phone from him once he realized the phone was dead.

But he sure knew who the Missed Calls were from.

Then he got here, made one cut of plywood with the saw he brought. Put up one piece of plywood.

And his saw died.

No Happy Thing On Purpose there.

Then I checked my Facebook page. And among other funny posts, there was this one by author Jill Shalvis … at least she posted it.

It made me laugh out loud here.

Maybe I even thought of a person or two that I could put into a book and kill.

Can I do that in a blog? Or only a book? How about a Short Story? That would make me happy too. A Happy Thing On Purpose.

Then I realized that I am the one making up the rules here. Me. Let’s see here …

So … you walked in the door … and said what you said … just like you wrote what you wrote … not nice … at all … shouldn’t have one that … BANG … you are dead.

You know who you are.

I feel oh so much better. A Happy Thing On Purpose.

Maybe I need to give up writing funny things … and switch to writing about murder and mayhem … I wonder if anyone else would identify?