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… on the Happy Thing here today … it happened.

This doing something each and every day for no reason except to be happy is harder than you might think.

After all, some days I just want to be miserable. Or feel sorry for myself. Or wallow in my heartbreak, even if it is way past its “use by” date. And of course being miserable, et al, then makes me happy. I am sure there is a word for all that, but it eludes me at the moment.

So this morning I set out to do something that made me Happy … with a Capital H.

The Art of Flirting Among Wild Beasts from Fli...

The Art of Flirting Among Wild Beasts from Flirting Made Easy : A Guide for Girls {1882} by Charles Henry Ross & Dower Wilson (Photo credit: SWANclothing)

First I checked the Flirts on one of the Dating sites I have been looking at. Hmm. Let’s see.

 The one most promising said he was five feet not much (read: too short), was separated (read: not separated), a few extra pounds (read: lots of extra pounds), self-employed and unwilling to share income info (read: unemployed), and interested in a lady who is available during the day for “intimate fun”.  Oh, and there was no picture.Can you spell m-a-r-r-i-e-d?

I started to write to him to clue him in on being Captain Obvious, but figured he would get what he deserved.

No Happy thing there.

On to an email that looked promising. But that can wait till tomorrow when the third in a series promises happiness.

No Happy thing there … today.

Was going to get some financial and insurance matters in order today. That would have made me Happy. But today is an Official Holiday, so everything is closed.

No Happy thing there.


Screwdriver (Photo credit: James Bowe)

The house. I could work on the house. So, off to Lowe’s … and a few nice but inexpensive window treatments for the Living Room / Creative Studio. This should make me Happy, right?

Well, it would have … except the wood in my window frames here more resemble petrified wood than the real stuff.

So after much marking and measuring, and remarking, and remeasuring … and drilling pilot holes, and redrilling bigger pilot holes, and redrilling even bigger pilot holes … and dropping screws, and dropping more screws, and dropping screwdrivers, and not being able to use the screwdriver attachment on the little dohickey that would hold the brackets because there wasn’t enough room between the …

Can you spell frustration?

I had to take off my glasses because they were steaming up from the effort. But then I couldn’t see well enough to drill in the right place.

The things are up. They look fine.

I think the winter window treatment in the Front Room might possibly be the result of a big roll of plastic and a staple gun generously used.

Not even a quick trip to the Ice Cream Parlor worked. Peanut Butter or Apple and Cinnamon. Yuck. Don’t get me wrong. I like Peanut Butter in PBJ’s or Peanut Butter Cups … but somehow that flavor in donut filling or custard ice cream leaves me cold … as it were.

So as I contemplated my daily blog, I opened the screen.

And there, was the note saying I have been reblogged. In an Irish blog. My Great Grandparents were from Ireland.

It was my blog about How Many Shades Of Grey … and suddenly I realized how much fun it is to do this. This Happy Holly Project.

Seeing the humor in everyday life. Enjoying what comes down the pike. Laughing at the things that just seem to find their way into my world.

And the Happiness … with a Capital H … that comes from having someone else enjoy my efforts.

I have lost track of how many countries have visited this blog … Nigeria and Afghanistan were the newest the day before yesterday. There are almost a hundred folks who are following this … and several others I know who read this often and are not official followers.

Someone else just liked what I wrote … courtesy of being reblogged.

It is humbling and exhilarating at the same time.

This is Happiness.