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… do ya? Really?

After all, it worked so well the last time some states tried it.

And I am sitting here thinking of all the hopeful words spoken on Election night by both the candidates.

And of how well the President and Governor of New Jersey worked together to do what needed to be done, regardless of what color their party espoused.

And of this map of how the country voted, county or parish wise, all over. Looks pretty blue and purple to me. Not so much bright red. Except in some areas that consist of large fields and large mountains and not so many people.

So I am going to make the huge leap of faith that the folks who are making all the noise about seceding are in the minority.

The very loud, very vocal minority.

And to them I have, oh, a few comments. Starting with this …

The majority has spoken.

The majority voted on Election Day … and they made a few points that seemed to be obvious … at least to most of us.

The majority appears to be consisting of us folks who are happy with rational, well thought out policies that might actually take more than a year to completely work.

The majority likes it when people are civil. And compassionate. And inclusive. And not angry, loud, critical, restrictive and hateful.

The majority consists of a whole rainbow of colors … not just red … or white … although I must admit I have a distinct fondness for shiny red appliances … but that is a whole other thing.

The majority likes it when the government does not try to make decisions for us that are purely personal. I didn’t like it when my ex-husband tried to do it either, and I like it from the government even less.

The majority would rather see people who play well with others … although I will admit to limiting my picks on dating sites to avoid folks who are off the edge.

The majority wants politicians to work together to accomplish things. Who do not vote against something just because the President supports it … or the person who presented it might be supportive of our President.

The majority likes it when greedy people are caught and exposed for what they are. Especially when they are folks who are anti-something only to later be found to be that thing that they were against … I believe the correct word here starts with the letter H … Hypocrites, maybe?

And don’t even get me started on Trickle Down Economics.