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… and who would have guessed?

Sharon's by the Sea
Sharon’s by the Sea (Photo credit: Beedle Um Bum)

Not too long ago I had never even heard of her. She was nobody to me. And I certainly had never talked to her.

Mostly I was thinking how nice it would be to live on the water … and certainly not where I live today.

Once I heard her name, it literally meant nothing to me. This woman as it turns out who has two children. And two marriages … the second infinitely more successful than the first.

Who knew that what she would say or do would have such a profound impact on my life? Who indeed?

Of course I have talked … at great length … to the person who told her of me. At great length. Of course. It only stands to reason. That is the way those relationships go.

Lots of communications … But now she knows, too.

Once he told her, he also had a stake in this all … a financial stake at the very least … based on her decision … her words … her thoughts.

She has now crept, unwanted, into all my waking thoughts. Her decision … her words … will make a difference to me. And my future.

Lord knows she has paid incredible attention … attention to detail I suppose is one way to look at it.

She knows it all. The good … the bad … the new … the old … the hidden flaws … all of it.

And she knows how important these things are to me … and my future. How incredibly important.

But of course she cares only about the well-being of herself and he who told her. Is there any compassion?


Since first she was told about me, she was relentless … searching … for the truth … all the details that were to be had. Personal details. The timing. The frequencies. The measurements even. Intricate measurements. Amazing.

I can see why she would be well thought of … indeed. She is unstoppable. Relentless. From early dawn till late at night … she is consumed with … me.


She has lived in an area wrought with snow and freezing cold … and also a more temperate southern location. That should give her some perspective, no?

And now I wait for her decision. Her words.

Who would have guessed?

Hanging in the balance now … on her decision … her words … is the insurance of my future. And anothers financial future.


The insurance adjuster.

I really do need that roof.