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So here I was putting the final touches on the daily Happy Holly Project Blog entry … about License Plates … specifically those having to do with Occupations and Hobbies.

Like Babysitting, for example. (And with all due apologies to The Other Category … see the Friday post instead.)

For those of you who have been reading my entries for a while, you know that I have been in the process of reworking the inside of the house here.

As in don’t mess with a woman who can wield a 150 pound Drum Sander (Have you noticed the weight gets larger with each retelling?) As in its amazing what a few women of a certain age can do when they set their minds to it. As in WOW I can’t believe how good the house looks.

Except for the outside. The outside was going to have to wait until spring.

Prayers were offered to the Roof Gods in hopes that a roof might magically drop onto … well … my roof.

Enter Hurricane Sandy.

Enter several felled trees, branches and whatnot. That not so magically dropped …

And my unfortunate roof … which had seen better days, to say the least … well, the roof had more than a few branches and tree parts on it and through it.

But hey, what is Homeowners Insurance for if not to take care of that kind of stuff, right? Even though I had never had a claim before. Ever.

So I began praying to the Insurance Gods that there might be a roof in there somewhere for my house.

You may recall the other day me mentioning the gal who was the insurance adjuster on this whole project … Sharon. She did an excellent job … attention to detail … seeking every possible thing that might be covered.

And yes, I did call her manager and the insurance company to let them know what a superlative job she had done.

Well … (Happy Dance Music of your choice begins in the background) … she just called me.

“Hello?” I said.

“Hello, Its me … Sharon … the insurance adjuster … and I have some figures for you.”

(breathing stops … Happy Dance Music gets slightly louder in the background)


(mumbling in her background … something about adding up numbers … or something like that … then …)

“Holly? I have an emergency call that is coming in that I have to take. I’ll call you in ten minutes.”

Doesn’t it just figure? Only me ….

(music dims … breathing resumes … prayers to Insurance Gods are offered)

( … time passes … )

(phone rings again.)


“Sharon again … took care of it … OK, here is the info …”

And she proceeded to outline the numbers, the deductibles, the depreciation and all the rest of it and …

There is enough to get a new roof !!!

(cue Happy Dance Music with totally unnecessary but heartfelt cymbals in the background)

“Well, thank you for all your help with all of this … I really appreciate all your effort.”

“Your very welcome. I enjoyed it as well. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.”

And just like that, it was over.

The Happy Dance Music is fading in the background, but the smile is still on my face.

The check is in the mail … and I am getting a new roof.

Puts a whole new slant on Thanksgiving, doesn’t it?